Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blogging 101

Please forgive the corny name... I couldn't think of anything else. Alrighty, so, I have decided, out of the kindness of my heart, to teach you how to become a successful blogger... because I so clearly am. Enjoy my ninja wisdom (Ninja Wisdom: Noun. Wisdom usually categorized as being TOTALLY COOL!!)

1. You must always come up with a strange, little nickname for your husband.

Don't ask me why. Unfortantely, I am lacking in this area as I have no husband. I should do something about this. Hmmmmm. Anyone seen the non-animated version of Hiccup around?

2. You must have a quirky/absurdly cute dog or cat.

I promise that I do but my computer is being mean and not allowing me to upload any pictures of them.

3. You must be or know someone who has mad skills in baking.

Check. My sister has skills that are beyond mad.

4. You must have hands.

What can I say guys. Seems kinda important.

If anyone wants to add to the list feel free. Until then good night, and good luck.

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