Tuesday, November 15, 2011


You must know this post is actually an excuse to show some wonderful photos my dad took in China. He truly is an amazing photographer. 

I went to China in 2006 just after 2nd grade with another family and a group of college students. Culture shock. Major culture shock. I love flipping to that bouquet of memories; listening to the world soccer tournaments with the children of the other family,  eating at the Jin Mao Tower (which my sister has decided she will own someday), staring at the timer pronouncing the days, hours, and minutes until the Olympics. Remembering the gray-haired man who opened the gate to the Fudan Da Shwei dorms we stayed at. Getting off that plane definitely changed how I saw a lot of things. What a blessing it was have that experience
This is my sister at the Great Wall. I can't tell you how it was because....
.....(sniff, sniff) unfortunately (sniff once again) my mom and I were blowing our nose in a Beijing motel... it was a miserable place to be sick.With the help of a nature show we somehow survived. 

Of course like all tourists seem to be required to, we went to the Forbidden City. And no, I am not attempting to swing dance.  As a seven year old I could not resist (alright I admit it, I probably still would not be able to resist) getting a picture of me "running for my life" in the forbidden city. We  have one of me pretending to shield my face of a sword but I spared you the sight.
I am still very proud that I took this picture of my dad. I wasn't feeling very well that particular day and, as our tour guide explained to us, I needed to take it easy because I might have a deadly disease that was going around China. With that said my dad and I broke off from the group and mosied around the city at our own pace. It was wonderful. 
Throughout the whole trip we were asked to take pictures. At the time I wasn't too fond of the whole take pictures with strangers thing but now as I see the pictures I'm glad we had the opportunity to get them... despite the awkwardness.
China is such a beautiful place. I think we were at an Emporer's summer garden when this was taken. I wish I had a summer garden.... and a rocket.
It seems as if this gate should have a sonnet dedicated to it's bricks and meaning. It's curve of magnificence and weeping willow splendor.
We ate. Oh, the spices and tickles of the tongue. Even my french fry loving self could recognize that I was partaking art.
If you are to go on you must know that I have an absurd fondness of taking pictures of feet. I know, it scares me too. 
There were many things that I wasn't used to in China. The taxi advertisements made it on the list (but then again I'm not used to taxis in general.) 
Apparently I was a little glad we ate. 
Guess who took this picture?

China has such a beautiful, vivid culture. That I was able to taste a little of its richness (both literally and vice versa) I will count my lucky stars on.... and planets for that matter.

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